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This is a land based project for a large European EPC contractor situated near the city of Vratsa, Bulgaria. Stenli-03 Ltd is responsible for unloading and distribution of steel structures, GPS positioning, ramming and installation of steel structures and installation of modules. Unloading and distribution activities are handled with 8 telehandlers and forklifts Steel structure assembly personnel are equipped with 40 Hilti cordless impact wrenches and 10 torque wrenches for quality assurance of already installed structures. Entire personnel are equipped with personal protective equipment suitable for their work activities and special purpose personnel are well trained and equipped with special safety equipment for their job. GPS positioning is performed with two high quality survey instruments type Trimble R8. Ramming is performed with two brand new ramming machines type Orteco 800 Smart and one brand new ramming machine Orteco 1000 HD, a good choice for difficult terrain and perfect for hard soils with its extra powerful hammer. All machines are a top in their class and provide extra high daily performance. The company has 4 ramming teams which allow rotating shifts to maximize ramming machines performance or replace teams if needed. Time for completion of all ramming, steel structure installation and PV modules installation for all 25 MWps – 55 days.

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