Renewable energy sources

Specialised contractor for construction of photovoltaic projects all over the world


Turn-key construction

In the year 2008 the strive to answer the growing interest in renewable energy sources for electrical energy shaped the Renewable Energy Business Unit within Stenli. The business unit deals with construction of photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) and hydro power plants (HPP).

Operation and Maintenance

The business unit also deals with operation and maintenance of the constructed plants, where each project is evaluated carefully and an individual maintenance plan is drafted based on their current operating condition.


Photovoltaic power plants

The Renewable Energy Business Unit is formed naturally within the company. First as an extention of the core busines for construction of energy projects and then covering the full scope of activities involved in photovoltaic plants construction. Stenli can offer to local and international customers either a specialised service in mechanical or electical scope of works or a full turnkey service covering all activities. For every single project our specialists analyze all details and draft a separate project execution schedule including all activities for delivery and construction works. The complete process for photovoltaic plants construction is covered extensively by our Certified Management System for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in Construction of photovoltaic parsk. Internationally we can offer the following services for PV plants construction to EPCs, investors or structure manufacturers:
  • establishment of site offices, storages, project site security including site preparation and all relative facilities and communications;
  • plot tracing;
  • unloading, distribution and material management;
  • ramming of piles or installation of ground screws for foundation of photovoltaic structure;
  • assembly and leveling of the support structure and mounting of the photovoltaic modules;
  • excavation of cable trenches, manholes including laying of ducts, marking and fine finishing works;
  • pulling and wiring of DC/AC and communication cables manually or with specialised winches;
  • unloading, mounting and wiring of string/central inverters and plant substation;
  • construction and connection of plant earth-grounding and lightning protection;
  • commissioning by accredited inspection body;
  • operation and maintenance - including drafting of individual plans for maintenance, periodical checks and emergency repairs;



Mechanical works


Electrical works



Hydro power plants

In relation to hydro power plants, Stenli is mainly focused on works in the electro-mechanical and civil works fields. The services we provide to our customers in this business line are:

  • establishment of site offices, storages, project site security including site preparation and all relative facilities and communications;
  • plot tracing and pipeline tracing
  • dam and pipeline construction
  • construction of main plant building and all relevant water, electrical, communication installations
  • installation of earth-grounding and lightning equipment
  • mechanical installation and connection of all electrical equipment for monitoring and control of the hydro power plant
  • grid connection by means of construction of new overhead or cable power line and transformer post
  • commissioning by accredited inspection body

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