Why us?

10 things that makes us stand out from the competition

Without a doubt, the contractor selection process for any project is a complicated procedure. Many investors and large EPC players use vast questionnaires full of technical, economical and administrative questions and forms in order to assess the capabilities, qualifications and capacity of the contractors. These are very useful when project requirements are defined. For the many cases where the requirements are still not defined and when the customer is looking for a collaboration partner rather than the usual contractor, below are listed the 10 best answers why we are the right choice for you:

  • STENLI is a privately-owned family company working in the energy business. Being in this closed circle has made us very responsible and for everything that we do we answer not only with our company, but also with our names.
  • Our company is built with flexibility, sustainability and long-term planning in mind.
  • We are results driven and committed to successful projects. We work toward creating added value for our services and customers.
  • Our staff is experienced, well prepared and organized.
  • All our processes are managed under an internationally certified management system for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  • We are constantly investing in new machinery, equipment and trainings for our staff.
  • Our company pays special attentions to new researches and innovations and we are always looking for ways to improve the work procedures.
  • We are always straightforward and open for collaborations with new companies and partners.
  • STENLI is financially stable company over a long period and we have at our disposal bank warranties, letters of credit and other instruments to use as bid bonds, performance bonds or payment bonds.
  • Honesty and integrity are two of our core values, not only as businessmen, but also as individuals.