Civil works

Excavations, foundations, formwork, concrete and finishing works.

In year 2005 Stenli formed a Civil Works division which accumulated a lot of experience in construction and repair during the years that followed. The company participates in the construction and reconstruction of buildings with metal or pannel constructions for industrial plants and public and private buildings with different designation.

Today Stenli does reconstruction and construction works for new investment projects and has participated in the construction of buildings with different purpose:

  • residential: appartments, houses, vilas, etc;
  • public: office buildings, trade complexes, sport and recreational facilities, garages, etc;
  • industrial: main buildings, extensions, special foundations and floors;

The spectrum of activities performed by the company is covering all civil works related to foundations, floors, walls and also all fine finishing works including floor covers, pavement, furnishing, internal and external communications, special facades, under and overground communications, earth-grounding and lighting protection and so on. All activities from plot tracing and vertical planning until commissioning are performed exclusively by our professionals. Stenli-03 Ltd pays special attention to preserving the environment, lowering the CO2 emissions and energy efficiency. In this spirit the construction division of the company is largely focused on implementation of energy efficiency measures in residential, public and industrial buildings.

The whole construction process is managed under the polocies of the integrated management system for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.


Residential buildings


Public buildings


Fine finishing, landscaping and reconditioning


Reconstruction and rennovation

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