Cable power lines

A one-stop undeground cabling solution provide!

Stenli-03 Ltd builds cable lines for medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV). The company has all needed specialised equipment and tools and the electricians performing the installation are duly trained and certified. The services we provide in this field of business are:

  • tracing of the line route
  • clearance of the right of way (ROW) and assuring relative insulation distances
  • tracing the manhole locations
  • excavations or trenchless construction
  • construction of manholes
  • earth-grounding
  • installation of cable joints, cable heads, cable lugs and connection electrical equipment
  • placement of marking tape, sand filling, backfilling and compaction
  • recovery of the initial site conditions and repair of pavement
  • ommissioning by accredited inspection body
Power cable installation

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