Team and structure

Our employees are our most valuable asset


Stenli's team is formed by well trained professionals with vast experience and ambition to realize the ideas and projects of the customers. The trust, mutual respect and solidarity are the core values for the employees and the company management. The good synergy between the management and the rest of the staff of the company is a key factor for the success of the company. The company has good organizational culture, well established corporate value system and daily strives to promote training and gaining of new qualifications for the employees.


The company's top management is formed by the General Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Leaders, Logistics Leader, Investment Control Manager and accounting. The permanent execution team is formed by 100 well trained professionals. All team members are experienced on various projects and have participated in a wide range of activities which provides for smooth synergies between different team members and forming entirely new teams who are proficient and work well together.

The team and the management is used to working in multi-cultural project sites, providing a solid base for extending our activities easily on the international projects where different contractors have to work well together and in mutual respect.

Stenli-03 Ltd. Reliable contractor.

Commitment. Integrity. Sustainability.

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